Our guards carry out our mandate, and we place heavy emphasis on the most effective use of their time and energy.

BBR Guards

We provide security guards based on client specifications, keeping in mind that our solutions are only effective if they meet your needs. Our personnel are PSIRA registered and must comply with our strict standards of customer satisfaction and be well groomed and presentable at all times. We can provide guards for Residential, Corporate, Retail and industrial security on the following basis:

  • Temporary security assignments
  • Permanent security placements
  • Body guarding services
  • Special investigations
  • Special events

Real Time Guard Monitoring

Providing guard and personnel-monitoring solutions since 2013. Application for monitoring the movement and whereabouts of customers’ guards and other personnel, in real-time.

Suitable for Bodies Corporate, Homeowner Associations as well as Commercial and Retail Centres.

RFID, GPS and GSM enabled. A-GPS – enables GPS receiver to compute a position within seconds, even under poor signal conditions. Two-way voice communication.

Real-time monitoring system – to locate your guard/or staff member at any given time. Ability to take roll-call.

Emergency & panic buttons – to be activated in the event of a panic or emergency situation such as fire or medical emergency. Silent call function.

Duress functions – in the event of inter alia a kidnapping or armed robbery. Geo-fencing. Durable design - waterproof, tamper-proof and shock-proof.

24-hour battery life. Supported by Active View - web-based portal.

Control & Support

Halo Technology Patrol Map

24-hour dedicated call centre. Rapid response to exceptions - including failed patrol, fall detection, panic button and duress function activation. Call centre can call the device through silent call function in response to the trigger of an emergency or panic button, the device being dropped, or duress. Notifications sent to the customer via SMS and email. All data is recorded in real-time. Automatically-generated quality control activity reports. Digital audit – occupational health and risk. Implementation of site-specific procedures.


Real-time monitoring. Proof of routes travelled; patrols carried out and/or missed; demarcated geographical zones traversed; and emergency, panic or distress functions triggered. 24-hour dedicated support, particularly in the case of missed patrols; and man-down, panic, emergency and duress actions. Swift assistance. Improved performance and line. Increased control by the customer