Our guards carry out our mandate, and we place heavy emphasis on the most effective use of their time and energy.

BBR Guards and patrol cars Emergency Response ER24

BBR React units in the South African security industry speaks volumes about the effectiveness of its Response Units. These highly trained teams assist with specialised response to panic and alarm activations, burglaries and any other emergency that needs response. BBR has also teamed up with ER24 for Medical Response to all our clients and our reaction teams, if we need medical assistance.

Advanced Skills and Training of our Officers selected for these demanding units is a never-ending process, reaction teams will during a year be required to meet industry standard training levels and attend monthly BBR Reaction Training courses. They all attend regular firearm, physical training and house penetration courses. The Reaction Officers are also put through various stress tests to enhance their abilities re emergency situations and how to deal with them. All Reaction officers are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), and have successfully completed the statutory firearm competency requirements as set out by the Firearms control Act of 2004

All Reaction vehicles have management systems installed so that the dispatching from control room can be done effectively, the vehicles and reaction officers are also equipped with dashcams to record events as they might occur.